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Competent and fast from a single source: purchase/sale of vehicles of both segments


MM "Luxury Cars"

In our showroom you´ll find constantly new and used cars of the luxury cars segment in large selection: we are specialized in brands such as Aston Martin - Bentley - Ferrari - Lamborghini - Maserati - Mercedes/AMG - Porsche - Rolls Royce - Wiesmann. But also real exotic and classic cars are part of our Special repertoire. Hardly a dealer throughout Europe no other has such fine selection of luxury cars to his portfolio.

If you would be glad to have a special request, which currently is not one of our stock, we assist you with the procurement of your desired vehicle.

Enjoy our service and the great experience of our team which is committed with great dedication to the customers - absolutely discreetly.

Leasing - classic and deductible

* Industrial leasing * – at very attractive prices

Leasing is the ideal form of financing for commercially used vehicles. With the help of powerful and renowned partners, MM cars provides several opportunities:

* Leasing * with partial amortisation:

Leasing offer of cars and capital goods: Depending on the envisaged use or wear a residual value and a specific contract are agreed. The residual value is based on the tax component, as well as the wear and tear.

* Leasing * with full amortization:

* Hire *:

A commercial option, where the entire VAT rates and residual value must be paid in advance.
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* Leasing for private individuals *- a question of claim

The leasing is an attractive option for you as a private person:

You have no cost for the vehicle, you only pay for its use.
Here, we offer several attractive opportunities of our powerful partner:

* Leasing with residual contract of value of:

performance ratio with the previous quality check we offer good to excellent vehicles. Top maintained in private sales or checkbook maintained company stocks/fleet vehicles and leasing returns.

You intend to sell your car, we offer part-exchange or purchase. Easy no obligation contact us about one of the famous lines of communication. We are looking forward to you!

Make an estimated mileage per year, with us, then the residual value of the vehicle is calculated. At the end of the contract term, return the vehicle, buy it for yourself or a purchaser. Then we consider the actual value stock.

Your advantages:

·         Safe calculation basis, no unforeseen risks

·         No limitation of the total number of kilometres

·         Save big percentages of VAT due for the vehicle

·         the option to buy the vehicle after the contract end

For more questions about a completely non-binding offers our team will gladly advice page!

Financing - we provide more flexibility

The car purchase financing is for both commercial and private customers voted been and used vehicles that can come from private prior possession and thus have no VAT applies first and foremost.

MM automotive buys your desired vehicle for you and offers reputable and attractive financing model for this purpose. We are partners for many years. The following contract financing the vehicle to you is transmitted.

With the payment of the final instalment, the vehicle is then permanently in your possession. Optionally, you can continue to finance it after the end of term or prematurely terminate the agreement, and purchase a new vehicle.

The advantages of financing at a glance:

·         In contrast to a conventional loan from a Bank, the rates drop considerably cheaper

·         Greater flexibility than traditional car buying

·         Individual possibilities for every budget

For more questions about a completely non-binding offers our team will gladly advice page!