About us

MM Automobile GmbH - since 15 years the fine difference

In a society in which, many car dealerships are mainly defined about the pricing policy, we make the difference for our customers. MM automobile GmbH convinces its customers with high-quality new and used vehicles, as well as best services since 15 years. Due to the increasing demand in the area of * luxury vehicles * we distinguish our business area since 2010 in "Luxury" and "compact, middle and upper-class".

We have increased long term inventory in both business areas. A large inventory of high-quality and significant vehicles and Supercars is always located on our adress in Empelde near Hannover.

Business field "Compact, middle and upper class": Very good used cars of the brands like Audi, Mercedes, Land Rover, VW, seat and BMW are offered. Look forward to an excellent service, including shuttle service.

Business "Luxury": A selection, which occupies a special position in the European market in terms of assortment size quality, and the special features of the respective vehicles (equipment/exclusive ownership history). Offered are international vehicles and super sports cars of luxury brands like Aston Martin - Bentley - Ferrari - Lamborghini - Maserati - AMG Mercedes - Porsche - Rolls Royce - Wiesmann and, the Gumpert F1 (show up at our showroom at Apollo Street). Our services include the delivery of special editions such as the Reventon Lamborghini and VIP-car series.