Competent and fast from a single source: purchase / sale of luxury vehicles. We offer you the following services, among others:

On our exhibition areas you will find a large selection of new and used cars from the luxury vehicle segment as well as a large selection of treasures that are constantly available in our own stock.

Our dealership offers you various non-binding offers for leasing or hire purchase. Based on long-term partnerships, we design the conditions flexibly and attractively according to your individual needs.

Our experience and in-house expertise in this sector allow a quick valuation of your vehicle and thus a quick processing of purchases and trade-ins at attractive conditions.


MM luxury vehicles

In our showroom you will always find a large selection of new and used cars from the luxury vehicle segment in our own stock: We have specialized in brands such as Aston Martin – Bentley – Ferrari – Lamborghini – Maserati – Mercedes / AMG – Porsche – Rolls Royce – Wiesmann – Bugatti. Real exotic and classic cars are also part of our special repertoire. Hardly any other dealer in Europe has such an exquisite selection of different luxury cars in its inventory.

If you have a special request that is not currently part of our inventory, we will be happy to help you get the vehicle you want.

Enjoy the service and the great experience of our team, which has been committed to the customer for over 20 years with unchanged dedication – reliably and discreetly until the keys are handed over.


– classic and deductible

Commercial leasing on attractive terms. Leasing is the ideal form of financing for business vehicles. With the help of powerful and renowned partners, MM Automobile offers you several options:

Leasing with partial amortization:

The leasing offer for vehicles and capital goods: depending on the planned use or wear, a residual value and a specific contract term are agreed. The residual value determined is based on the tax component and wear.

Leasing with full amortization:

Hire purchase:

A commercial option where all VAT on installments and residual value must be paid in advance. How can we help you?
Our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have!

Leasing for private individuals – a question of entitlement

Leasing is also an attractive option for you as a private person:

You have no purchase costs for the vehicle, you only pay for its use. We offer you several attractive options from our high-performing partners:

Leasing with a residual value contract:

You agree an expected mileage with us each year, after which the residual value of the vehicle is calculated. At the end of the contract, you return the vehicle, buy it yourself or name a buyer. Then we check the actual value.

Your advantages:

Safe calculation basis, no unpredictable risks
No limit on the total mileage
You save big percentages of the VAT due for the vehicle
You have the option of buying the vehicle yourself after the end of the contract

Our team will be happy to advise you on further questions about a completely non-binding offer!

Hire purchase
– we provide more flexibility

The car purchase financing has been coordinated for both commercial and private customers and primarily concerns used vehicles that come from private previous ownership and can therefore no longer show VAT.

MM Automobile buys your dream vehicle for you and offers you a serious and attractive financing model.

Following a financing contract, the vehicle will be transferred to you. With the payment of the final installment, the vehicle finally becomes your property. Optionally, you can continue to finance it after the end of the term or terminate the contract prematurely and purchase a new vehicle.

The advantages of financing at a glance:

In contrast to a conventional bank loan, the rates are significantly cheaper
Greater flexibility than with conventional vehicle purchases
Individual options for every budget

Our team will be happy to advise you on further questions about a completely non-binding offer!


More than two decades of experience in the purchase and sale of luxury cars, sports and super sports cars as well as hypercars of all brands have trained our eye for the quality of a car. We make a fair offer for your piece of jewelry straightforward and competent. We would also be happy to take your used vehicle in payment and support you with professional passion in determining your dream car. It is best to make an appointment in our showroom in Podbielskistr. and enjoy casual moments with our special kind of car over an espresso or something cool. We look forward to seeing you.